Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Dear Isle, Maine, USA
Session 3 Instructor June 28th. – July 10th. 2009

Scandinavian Mirror
This class will use the contemporary and historical glass scene in Scandinavia as a mirror for our studio practice. Daily demos will introduce students to a broad variaty of Swedish glass blowing and hot glass decoration techniques. Lectures and discussions will center on the Scandinavian tradition of form and design in glass, where we will be looking at both the industrial context and the studio glass scene. With these elements as a starting point, and with emphasis on experimentation and process, students will apply their energy to developing and realizing individual projects. Awareness will be given to form, decoration, and the specific qualities of glass, such as optics, tactility and texture. Discussions and critique will focus on the creative process and idea development. Experimentation and curiosity will be encuraged. Minimum of 1 year glass blowing experience required.



Susanne Jøker Johnsen